review rating 5  I recently used Mr. Tux to rent Tux's for my wedding. I could not be more satisfied with the product and service provided by Mr. Tux. The teams attention to detail during the final fitting, and ability to adjust fitting on the spot to ensure each member of the wedding party had the fit they desired really stood out.

    thumb Mike R

    review rating 5  Mr. Tux has been great to work with. They helped us pick amazing looks for our entire bridal party. Wendy and Vern have made the whole process so easy and have even called to check in to let us know who still needed measurements. Thank you Mr. Tux!!

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    review rating 5  Fantastic experience, to the guy claiming his son's were fat shamed, I don't buy it, I'm 400lbs and they were nothing but awesome to make sure I would have a proper fitting tux for my buddies wedding

    thumb Jeff Peters

We had a wonderful experience getting our tuxes through Mr. Tux. Wendy has a great eye for what will look good, and was very helpful in assisting us in coordinating what would look good with the mothers’ dresses. Everything turned out great! Most of our groomsmen were out of town, and it was very easy for them to call or fax in their measurements as well as payment. Wendy was even understanding about our guys who got their measurements in a little late! Plus, since I bought my dress from Volle’s, we got a great discount on the tuxes!

I was just recently there to get fitted for my wedding. We walked in there with somewhat of a plan of attack, but me being the one wearing the tux I had little to no idea what I really wanted. The staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in getting us all set up for the big day. We were there over two hours and I probably tried on 6-8 different combinations. Not only was the staff patient, but they encouraged it. Like most grooms, it was not on my list of most fun things to do ever, but Mr. tux made the experience enjoyable and exciting for not only me, but my future bride. I recommend Mr. tux for anyone.

My husband and I just had our wedding a few months ago and Mr. Tux was awesome. I would definitely recommend it to anyone getting married! My husband is an “awkward” sized guy (big and tall!) and has trouble with suits and tuxes in the past. When we came in he was able to try on different coats, which helped him decided on the right style and fit. We couldn’t do that anywhere else! after going to Mr. Tux we couldn’t imagine just picking from a book!
The ladies were super professional and very fun. They made the experience really easy and went through everything step by step. We had just come in to look, but by the end of it all we were happy to have ordered our tuxes with them.

All our guys commented on how great the tuxes looked and fit. They all had a great time joking around with the ladies!

The only complaint we had was that there was only one location, but I think overall it made things easier to deal with. They did all the hard work for us.

We got here 40 min early they open. But the women name Wendy she’s awesome. She took our tuxedos right away and she was really nice and professional. This place is comfy and smells phenomenal and fruity.

Just left this well run, formalwear shop. They had actual tux’s to try on! All other places my son took me had to order from a warehouse? He could not determine what fit him and this shop did that perfectly. And more great news, the out the door price was almost $40 dollars cheaper than other stores! If you want great service for a very fair price, go here in Lake Zurich.

I can’t say enough about Wendy and staff at Mr. Tux.  Especially Wendy!!!

While the waiting area can get a bit crowded, the staff worked well to get things moving and we were always helped in a timely manner.  Arrangements were even made to have my wife’s brother’s tux ready (he was a surprise attendee as he was deployed abroad) even though his measurements didn’t look right to Wendy when I got them to her.  They have most all of their stock on-hand which made it super-easy to make any changes we needed nearly day-of.

I swear Wendy could get you sized properly just as you walk in the door, but careful measurements were taken of each guy (even after they were sent in weeks previous) just to make sure things were perfect.  Good thing too as a couple of fellas put on a few!  But either new pieces were retrieved from stock or Wendy and staff altered them right on the spot during our pickup and every thing on every one fit great.  We got several compliments on fit and finish of the guys.  Some swore the guys must have owned their own as they fit so perfect.  As my wife says, no hammer pants or floods on anyone.

Again, if you’re anywhere close to Lake Zurich in need of formalwear for any occasion, make Mr. Tux your place.  You will not regret it.  I only wish they had room to expand and make a little nicer waiting room/reception area.

Went in this past weekend to get fitted for a tux for my wedding. I did research online and went to another place in Schaumburg first. I didn’t find anything there I liked and the selection was poor. Walking into Mr. Tux was a breath of fresh air. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I found a tux I liked right away and they got me in and out quickly. Wendy was very attentive as was the rest of their staff. Good value, I’m glad I found this place.

I have a black tie event for work every year and Mr. Tux has been my go-to place! They are great at helping me pick out a tux to wear and choose a nice tie and vest to go with my wife’s dress. It’s nice to go in and see the same people in there every year, and it’s even better that they remember me. I have even called the day before (oops) and they were able to get everything ready for me. I really appreciate their way of business and their great customer service.

I bought my dress at volle’s so it made sense for us to choose Mr. Tux for the guy’s tuxes because it is located in the same parking lot. I am very happy that we went with Mr. Tux for all of the guys outfits because they turned out great. My husband actually wanted to be in charge of picking out all of the guy’s tuxes, ties, vests, etc., which made me a little nervous but the lady that works there, Wendy, made sure to direct him towards great choices. There were no problems at all with any of the tuxes. I even had one out of town usher and he just had to fill out a card with his measurements and mail it in. My grandpa had lost a lot of weight from the time he got measured and the wedding, and Mr. Tux had no problem changing the size. When the guys picked up their tuxes, a few of them needed small alterations and they were taken care of immediately. No one was there more than 30 mins. Overall, I would definitely recommend Mr. Tux Formal Wear!