To Purchase Or Rent A Tux?

Mr. Tux is well know for our RENTAL SERVICES, but did you know that we also SELL TUXEDOS & SUITS?

Answer the questions below to determine whether renting or purchasing a tux is the right choice.

  • Do you have the need to wear a tux frequently?
  • Do you want the convenience of owning your own tuxedo?
  • Did you know that purchasing a tux can not only save you time, but also money?

Mr. Tux Is The BEST Place To Purchase or Rent Formalwear:

  • We have hundreds of designer labels IN STOCK.
  • We have Tuxes on-site so you can try them on RIGHT NOW! No more guessing how it will look from a photo.
  • We are staffed by adult fashion and wedding etiquette professionals who know how to make you look YOUR BEST.
  • We have skilled tailors in-house to offer FAST SERVICE.
  • EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE that will exceed your expectations. We give you the attention you deserve.